Sandals sandals sandals...

Sandal Styling

The sandal... I have to admit are my secret guilty pleasure as I LOVE to buy a new pair every year, opps! I tend to think I'm fairly responsible with my fashion purchases - new jeans when the old ones wear thin, new white tees when they loose their glow etc etc.. But, with sandals I'm irresponsible. I even brought a new pair last year when really nobody had anywhere to go! So, naturally I have enjoyed my (annual) look around to find the best ones out there; to suit all budgets, style personalities and lifestyle. 

Sandals go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, so are super easy to style. I would just recommend giving your feet a little bit of tlc before you bare them to the world. Here are my picks of the best..

1. Arizona Platform sandals from Birkenstock

2. Pink leather sandals from Zara

3. Arizona Love sandals from Black White Denim

4. Moli sandals from Air and Grace

5. Black quilted sandals from Marks and Spencer 

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