Renovating on a budget

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Budget is a key word when doing any reno project or interior re-design. For our project, it has become even more important as there is SO MUCH to do and the pennies are running out, fast. 

We are just finishing up a room which is sort of a walk-through room (to access the lounge). There was always no doubt what the room was going to be, as I needed a work space and didn't have anywhere else but here to put it - so it was going to be THE OFFICE. The room is also partitioned off, and the other side of that partition is the girls play-room. In terms of noise this is not ideal, but on the other-hand it allows me to watch them and over see any impending rows. 

A huge amount of the budget went on the flooring and the bespoke oak shelves (still waiting on delivery). Therefore, there isn't much left over for anything else..and I needed to create a creative (obviously) workspace on a very small budget - basically, spending as little as humanely possible! Luckily for me, I was chatting to a neighbour about my workspace inspo - floating, off the wall desk, painted the same colour as the wall, so it looked like the wall was sort of sticking its tongue out etc etc...   And, low and behold they had an old Ikea desk in their garage they no longer needed, it basically consisted of an MDF top, metal frame and legs that basically held it up. Perfect. 

It needed some work - we measured and cut the top to shape. I sanded it all down and filled the edges with wood filler to give a smooth edge where it had been sawn. I then primed with a grey primer (Albany) and then gave it two coats of Little Greene Knightsbridge in Eggshell (the same colour as the walls) and although it is a little 'rough' in parts I feel it adds to the character. The metal frame was a bright silver so I brought a cheap can of spray paint from Chaplins (£1.25) in brown and I sprayed it.  We also cut the frame down to size. And with some carefully placed wooden batons we (erm, Rich) fixed it to the wall, and it looks and works brilliantly. 

If you don't have a kind and generous neighbour like me (thanks Bobble and Chris) then go looking at Car Boot sales, the tip, garage sales, junk shops, charity shops. Check online too; Facebook Marketplace is the best place to start, also put a message out on your WhatsApp groups to see what your friends may have, you just never know! Up-cycling is easier than you think; just search YouTube for tutorials and have a rummage in your shed/garage to see if you have any left over paints to re-use too. It is tremendously satisfying when you haven't actually spent much money and have created something you love. 

Now more to spend on the next project...

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