Interiors - Creating a bedroom for the girls in our gaff

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When we moved into our new Gaff, my first priority was to get the girls' room done ASAP. Mainly because if they were happy and could get a good nights sleep then the days would be easier (and because the walls were bright green and the lack of curtains was SCARY)!

When I visit a client's house for the first time, we always run through a brief... What do you need from this room? What would you like? What don’t you like? How do you want it to function? How much would you like to spend? Then we move onto colours etc. 

So, in view of that, I asked myself the same questions for this room, and these were my answers:

  1.  It had to work for both girls (aged 2 and 5)
  2. There would only be a few toys (as we were making a playroom) so it was always about sleep and a restful sanctuary for them both.
  3. It also had to be fun and a place where they liked to be.
  4. Budget was limited to about £2k which was to include paint, wallpaper, bunk beds, new linen and duvets, wardrobe and blinds.
  5. All accessories we had (pictures, hooks, mirrors, rug) were to be used. 
  6. Moving onto colours it had to be Pink and that was it!! And I wanted to experiment with some wallpaper (mainly to diffuse all the pink!).

Once I had determined these things I then created a moodboard on Pinterest to collate all my ideas, from this I created a physical mood-board with paint and wallpaper samples. Then it was just a case of making a decision. I wanted a jungle theme so green was an obvious colour in my pallet along with the pink and then white as a neutral. I chose Ophelias Blush by Ca Pietra (Proper Good Paint) to go on the walls and skirtings and doorframe. I wanted to include the woodwork in the same paint as I wanted it to look part of the wall and more sleek. The celing was painted in Farrow and Ball Great White (it has lilac tones in) and really compliments the pink. Then onto the wallpaper… this was a no brainer as I had found it months ago online and LOVED it, its from Munks and Me and is wonderful. 

Where to buy...

Try Wayfair for a selection of retro inspired children's furniture

Wallpaper from Munks and Me

Rug - Courthouse Interiors

Check out Etsy for a great range of handmade teepees

The Result

The wallpaper went on the largest wall to create the biggest impact. You can also see this wall from the landing so when you pass the room you see it. Then I don’t mind the door being open!!

Because the wallpaper was quite loud and dramatic I wanted the blinds at the two windows to be really understated but still girly and pretty. I went withExmoor Shutters and blinds who found this lovely fabric for me and they sewed the pompoms on the bottom to make it more bespoke. They are black out so super practical too.

Then I just styled the room with all the bits and pieces they already had – pictures, hooks, dressing table, and tepee. I upcycled some old pine draws in Farrow and Ball Cinders Rose and brought some handles from Home-sense. The only new items were the Bunk Beds (Wayfair) and the wardrobe (Aldi). And linen and duvets which I picked up in the Debenhams closing down sale.

We managed to (scrape) just under budget. But, I’m sure more will be spent as the girls add more and more bits to it. Is a room ever finished?!

But, the girls love their room and can't wait to show all their friends! And I love it too, it always brings me joy when I’m in there. Success.

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